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Harappan Civilization
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Harappan Civilization Key Points

  1. Harappan Civilization was discovered in year-1921
  2. The earliest city discovered in India was-Harappa
  3. Who discovered Harappan civilization?-Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni
  4. Who named Harappa?-Sir John Hubert Marshall
  5. Which is the largest city of Indus Valley civilization?-Mohenjo-daro
  6. Which metal is used in Harappan civilization?-copper, gold, silver
  7. Where is Harappa located now?-in eastern Punjab province, eastern Pakistan.
  8. Rakhigarhi is the largest Harappan site in the Indian subcontinent.
  9. Which metal is first used by Harappan civilization?copper-bronze
  10. Iron was not known to the Harappan people.
  11. Which was the first civilizations?Sumer, located in Mesopotamia
  12. Harappa, Mohanjodaro, Banawali and Dholavira are considered as the four main Harappan Sites.
  13. Who is the father of Archaeology in India?Sir Alexander Cunningham
  14. What are the 4 oldest civilization?Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, and Ancient China
  15. Which city is called as mini Harappa?Lothal city
  16. How many sites are there in Harappan civilization?Over 1400
  17. Which was the port city of Indus Valley civilization?Lothal
  18. Harappan Civilization belongs to Bronge age, copper age, silver age & Gold age.
  19. Seals were made up of-Steatite
  20. Which was the first urban civilization?-Harappan Civilization
  21. Latest site discovered in India-Rakhigarhi
  22. The indus valley people traded with-Mesopotamians
  23. The local name of Mohenjodaro is –Mount of the dead.
  24. Animals know to Indus valley civilization-Bull, Horse, Elephant.
  25. Evidence of Dockyard-Lothal
  26. Rock cut architecture in Harappan context is found at-Dholavira
  27. Indus people were the first to to produce COTTON in the world.
  28. People Worshiped-Shiva (Rudra)
  29. UNESCO included paintings in the list of world Heritage site of-Bhimbetka

Towns near river banks in Harappa


Kot DijiIndus

Discoverer of Important Harappan sites

  1. Who discovered Harappa?-Rai Bahadur Daya Ram Sahni (1921)
  2. Who discovered Mohenjodaro?-Rakhal Das Banerjee (1922)
  3. Who discovered Kalibanga?-Amlananda Ghosh & BB Lal
  4. Who discovered Lothal?-S R RAO (1957)
  5. Who discovered Banwali?-R.S BIST (1973)
  6. Who discovered Rangpur?-M.S VATSA (1931)
  7. Who discovered Ropar?-YD Sharma (1955-56)
  8. Who discovered Alamgirpur?-Y D Sharma
  9. Who discovered Sutkagendor?-A Stein & George Dales
  10. Who discovered Surkotada?-JP Joshi (1964)
  11. Who discovered Chanhudaro?-N G Majumdar (1931)
  12. Who discovered Dabarkot?-Macay (1935)
  13. Who discovered Ali Murad?-KM Kazzak
  14. Who discovered Mitathal?-Punjab University
  15. Who discovered Rakhi Garhi?-Suraj Bhan
  16. Who discovered Sutkakoh?-Dales (1962)
  17. Who discovered Manda?-Jagpati joshi

Important Harappan sites Archeological findings


  • Stone Symbols of lingam and yoni
  • painted Pottery
  • Mother Goddess Clay figures
  • Copper scale
  • Wheat and Barley in wooden mortar


  • Great Bath
  • Great Granery
  • Pashupati Mahadeva Seal
  • Bronze image of a woman dancer
  • Steatite Image of Bearded Man
  • Fragment of Woven Cotton
  • Human skeletons huddled together
  • Mother goddess clay figure


  • Dockyard
  • Rice Husk
  • Metal Workers
  • Terracotta Figurine of a horse
  • Double burial (burying a male and a female in a single grave)
  • Terracotta model of a ship


  • City without Citadel
  • Inkpot, Lipstick
  • Imprint of Dogs paw on a brick
  • Terracotta model of Bullock cart
  • Bronze toy cart


  • ploghed Field Surface
  • 7 fire altars
  • Decorated bricks
  • Camel bone
  • Wheels of a Toy Cart
  • Mesopotamian Cylindrical seal


  • Lack of systematic drainage system
  • Toy Plough
  • Clay Figures of Mother Goddess


  • Water harnessing System
  • A large well and a bath
  • A stadium
  • Largest Harappan inscription used for civic purposes
  • Only site to be divided into 3 Parts


  • Bones of Horse
  • Oval Grae
  • Pot burials


  • Bronge Images

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