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Aneroid Barometer

Barometer is an instrument which is used to measure atmospheric pressure its reading can be shown in bar or atm. The name aneroid means without water, which means in Aneroid barometer no liquid is present. In Aneroid barometer a small capsule is present and air pumped out from it, when air pressure rises the side of the capsule are compressed, a needle shows its reading in dial.

Barometers are of different types depending on their characteristics uses. There are two types of barometer mercury and aneroid barometer. Each of these have its own specifications and works in their own manner.

Aneroid Barometer working Mechanism

A metal chamber cell which contains a small amount of air operate the aneroid barometer. When the air pressure increases, then sides of these cells come together very quickly. After that, the other side joins the structure of pulleys and levers to a rotating pointer, which then moves over a scale on the face of the instrument.

Aneroid Barometer
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Top 10 Uses of Aneroid Barometer

1. It is generally used to measure pressure in homes and Cruize boats.
2. Also used in barographs in metrology and altimeters in modern aircraft.
3. Aneroid Barometer can store data for more than a week.
4. Used in weather forecasts.
5. Used to measure pressure for Earth’s atmosphere.
6. It is used to control powertrain module to regulate engine timing and fuel trim timing.
7. Used in firewall.
8. To measure pressure levels.
9. To measure sensor gauges pressure.
10.Used in weather map symbols which provides a data in graphic representation of weather pressure.

Drawback of Aneroid Barometer

It is not as accurate as compared to a mercury barometer.

Question on Aneroid Barometer

Question– Who invented aneroid barometer?

A. Lucien Vidi in 1844
B. Poppins in 1927
C. Talor in 1750
D. Benjamin in1840

Answer– It was invented in the year 1844 by a French scientist Lucien Vidi. In meantime, These barometers replaced the mercury barometers because of their easy functioning.

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